Its the way you sit

Interesting thought.


That’s what Dr G said last time I saw him re numbness-ish in left hand and that nothing has really changed since the operation.

and ‘cos

that’s what Dr J said when I initially presented with similar symptoms in the previous surgery (before I got thrown out) two years ago.


nothing has really changed


I’ve had a carotid/subclavian bypass and have no pulse in EITHER hands. and was shouted at by Dr K last week because I wanted my blood pressure taken because of the “misdiagnosis” of my heart disease and having to stop taking warfarin.

Its got worse.

just like with Dr A except this time I am at least getting SOME answers but NOONE knows what is wrong it appears. AND in 1998 Dr A made up an illness.

The NHS is killing me because the welsh doctors are cr*p.

YET this time they do at least attempt to answer my questions. Last time Dr A, the liar, kept REALLY quiet.

you couldn’t make it up and that’s why, I believe, nobody will help me.




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