GP patients ‘wait over fortnight’


GP patients ‘wait over fortnight’

When you ring my surgery for an appointment you have to ring an 0844 number and are kept waiting, from 08.30 only. You are given an option for an emergency appointment or to book an appointment within the next fortnight. I chose that option just recently and was told that there are NO appts available to pre-book and for me to ring the next day for an emergency appointment.

I drove past the surgery yesterday at 08.25 to see the receptionists all wandering into work. So do you tell me that they IMMEDIATELY answer the telephones and start work. Rhetorical question as Surgery telephones are supposedly manned from 08.30.

Well when I was working the staff needed at least 30 mins to gossip, put on make-up, drink tea and coffee, etc etc before starting work.



One Response to “GP patients ‘wait over fortnight’”

  1. Deb Says:

    ‘SAY NO TO 0870’ !!

    There’s a website where you can find landline numbers for all those public and commercial services that insist on ripping us off with 08xx numbers.

    We should not have to pay for *&&%^$& calls to services that we already pay for!!

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