Sue the NHS

I have just been told I should sue the NHS in my area because of their collusion with Dr A.

Now to find a Solicitor able enough to do the job. So that means it is unlikely to be a welsh firm. It would be nice however to be proved otherwise but pigs are not known to fly.

Also discovered today that Dr K had NOT WRITTEN a full account of last Friday in my Medical Notes.

THAT is negligence according to the GMC (poor record keeping) but not enough to warrant investigation.

Also read the Medical Protection Society’s idea of record keeping standards. I wonder if she has EVEN read that (or similar from her Protection Society). Dr A had not, as proven by sight of my Medical Notes, when I was under his “care” Care? HA!!!

Still I saw a patient who discussed the loss of my job in more detail than I could EVER have hoped, in my Doctors Surgery waiting room, naming names and his opinion of the quacks in our area. A few ears pricked up when he said Dr A’s name and that I was a NHS Dentist who lost my job because Dr A is a lieing f*****g  a*****e. His exact words(without th **’s)

I went to get reassurance re my misdiagnosis and received it from Dr G

BP 150/70 and he thinks it a good idea to go to the gym to get fit again.



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