I have just been out for a Sunday lunchtime pint. Tho’ in my case it is Soda Water/coca-cola as on the diagnosis of my severe heart problems I gave up my alcohol and cigarettes.

I repeated Dr K’s tirade.  bUT read this same surgery, different Doctor

I had 2 people in the 1st pub make dental jokes, asking me to do some work on them in my garage. That started 3 people off on a “Dental Pun” session none of which are remotely funny which is why I probably cannot remember them.

So I went to the Local British Legion to watch a Band. I spoke to 2 ex-patients that wanted me back at work as I was the best dentist they had had. This started people trying to ask me questions about their problems which is so hard to not answer because I answered their questions and similar for 40, FORTY yes 40 years. I had to leave as I was getting tearful.

I walk home accompanied by ANOTHER patient and we (he actually) recounted tales of my jokes and how I was the best dentist etc etc.

I went out at 1.00pm and now it is 16.10 and I am home. I never saw the band.

I can’t live like this  Other times I go out  here  and Christmas

I have bought 10 cigarettes and the 1st one tastes WONDERFUL

I don’t want to smoke but I don’t want this f******g life.



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