re heart

I went to my Doctor today to ask for a second opinion re my heart and Dr K was not prepared to listen saying things like ” Didn’t my surgery do enough for you” when I mentioned possible misdiagnosis (I was ONLY repeating what the Anaesthetist said.) Ignoring “overzealous interpretation” and “probably read the wrong echoscan” parts of the conversation.

She also angrily suggested I got used to being destroyed but stopped short of saying “grow up” saying” If you are depressed why did you not accept psychiatric treatment when offered last? and so that bitch started me off on a tangent and she successfully managed to destroy any feeling of happiness I had” So she says she will refer me to the local psychiatric unit.  see here

when ALL I wanted was the privilege of a second opinion about my heart and  just for my own satisfaction find out who started the “serious heart condition” diagnosis.

Is that a guilty conscience or what?

About what tho?

I have learnt my lesson and now will not complain after this incident

I quote from “The Mental Health Act” from a government website:

Most people who receive treatment in hospitals or psychiatric units for mental health conditions are there on a voluntary basis and have the same rights as people receiving treatment for physical illnesses.

Dr K seems to think that the only person with rights is her arrogant self. She seems to be tarred with the same brush as Dr A and Dr S in her practice.

I am labeled as a Mental Patient

But then I am not alone  and a report from the Healthcare Commission says GPs may be missing signs of serious illness ……care was worse in the most deprived areas, which had 18% fewer GPs per head than more affluent places. Healthcare Commission chief executive Anna Walker said: “I do not know what it is that leads to GPs not doing this basic work. It is just very stark it is not happening.” She also conceded this could have been one of the causes of the worsening performance of primary care trusts, which are responsible for local services


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