Just received a reply from the GMC about Dr A. It has taken them over 3 months to decide not to investigate. They also didn’t see it was nescessary to inform me that they had received the letter. Still to reply that they were not going to investigate is a lot quicker than Dr A taking 9 months to remember that he had forgot.  But then the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales said that I probably forgot what Dr A didn’t say when it was HIS RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that I understood the treatment proposed.

Apparently it is not in the public interest to investigate a doctor that refused to answer a complaint in a professional manner and one that has been shown to be a liar with the catastrophic mis-diagnosis in his  medical opinion  Proof from wording of the compliment slip. In my opinion he seems to be allowed to have been a dishonest man. 

But This article explains what is REALLY in the publics interest.

 But nothing says much about the integrity of the NHS considering his past and present posts of Medical Director of the Local Health Board , Chairman of the BMA Wales, GP committee Wales and the Welsh Medical Committee. EVEN with those credentials he blatantly ignored the guidance of good practice as written on the G.M.C. website.

It now seems Dr A intentionally destroyed me as he kept refusing to answer MY questions for 5 damned years BUT still kept me on medication.

Why did he do this??? Was it make sure that I was timed out in my complaint???


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