You are depressed you say. That is for ME to decide.

How true that is from ALL the Psychiatrists I have NONE listened to me.

          Dr A says I  was a high risk suicide, litigious etc with these problems  and yet 9 years later Dr M*********** the consultant psychiatrist in Neath says I have a mild depression which is untreatable unless I threaten to commit suicide.He did not write that down of course but said so, in front of a “student” when I KEPT asking him what I had to do to get answers and/or treatment. I could have had medication for the symptoms but  he would do NOTHING  for the cause unless I threatened to commit suicide. 

IS THAT THE CLUE TO TREATMENT FOR STRESS IN WALES? Do nothing unless the patient tries to take his/her own life.

read THIS Parable

          THAT is why that cartoon is SO accurate of the treatment I have received over the years as the Welsh NHS strove to keep finding Dr A exemplary even though he has NEVER answered or given reasons why I was hospitalised and my life destroyed BECAUSE of him, the Medical Director of the Local Health Board…says it all does it not. A psychriatrically involved “Mad Dentist” versus Medical Director of the LHB and one time chair of many Medical Committees over the years.

from issue 1205 Private Eye permission applied for.

If anyone wishes for this to be removed please contact me at the email address on the right.

Dr A is praised by the NHS for GIVING me stress with his wrong diagnosis and arrogant silence. But then as my sister says “He meant well” so that’s OK then. I am so ashamed of being Welsh and also of the fact that I vociferously fought for NHS Dentistry.



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