I have met people that have said I was a good Dentist every where I went today .

Starting with that Physio chappie (CHEERS S****t)

then that pt in my Dr’s surgery ..sorry forgot your name and then M**** in Lidls.

I felt low as hell today as my chest is BAD thanks to an awful cold (now on Antibiotics) and these wonderful people have given me more strength to continue in the fight.

I was gonna prove, with documentation, that the Welsh NHS Complaint service is corrupt .

For example Medical Notes are important in a complaint and a Doctor’s Medical Opinion is almost a legal Document as they exist in the Medical Notes.

Yet, for example , The Independent review said I had no diagnosis of ANY illness. see Medical Opinion

yet Dr A said I was a high risk suicide which IS a diagnosis of an illness.

Isn’t it?????????????????


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2 Responses to “Support”

  1. themaddentist Says:

    Thanks for the support, Support.


  2. Support Says:

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