Left and Right arms

The Surgeon says I need a “bypass” type operation to restore the blood supply to my left arm and that will be done in March. I will be in hospital for 6 days.

Will I survive it? considering the other times a Doctor has tried to help me. See Dr A and Dr B.

My right arm is not able to be repaired as Dr Gu allegedly has destroyed the integrity of about an inch of my radial Artery. I can never play piano in the style I used to EVER AGAIN. So I might as well sell all my keyboards and while I am at it my 11 guitars might as well go also. So no job, , nothing.

So the rest of my life I can now only sit and stare at the 4 grey walls that surround me.

THANKS Dr A as he started all this in effect. Because if he had done his job properly and Professionally I would NOT be under such stress as I am now.

It is beginning to look as though Dr A  intentionally destroyed my career and life. as his ONLY response has been “I do not remember”

In 1998 I was going through an acrimonious divorce and my family life had collapsed.

SO he then caused the collapse of my Professional life.

A friend said recently “…as long as you have your health”
HA thats gone now thanks to the stress caused by Dr A.

This damned country of Wales is full of incompetent Doctors. Frank was right when he said  prior in 1985 that Wales was a 4th World Nation.

I am so ashamed of being Welsh and also of the fact that I vociferously fought for NHS Dentistry.

Look how the NHS has repaid me.


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