I need to move on

I am stuck going round in circles unable to close the period of my life know as Dentistry.

My GP suggested recently that I go onto anti depressants as I feel so low. but that they are contra indicated due to my Cardio Medication and also they ONLY treat the symptoms NOT THE CAUSE .

A bit like me, if I was still a Dentist, giving antibiotics for an abscess without EVER addressing the CAUSE

And the cause is Dr A’s lies.

Read this article about anti depressants (I was on them for 5 years for NO REASON  from 1999

Also read this about GAzza. He is banned contact with the outside world AS I WAS IN 1998. Yet I had a business being destroyed (I had had a clue as my receptionist was allowed one call and she said “Nothing had been done” I went to hospital with a promise that my Practice WOULD be looked after.



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