Worlds apart

I lost my career because I was stressed because of these problems although the Doctor said this aboout me  My life was suddenly made worse by his actions. ON release from hospital  I still had the divorce to contend with but now also

a) The Insurance Company STOPPED paying the full claim as I had suddenly disappeared for SIX WEEKS so I NEVER was fully compensated.

b) My Bank closed my accounts because of a) and as I had suddenly disappeared for SIX WEEKS instead of being in weekly contact and wished for immediate repayment of Loan as I had defaulted on payments since the flood in Oct 1997 stopped my cash flow..

SO c) The CSA forced a Deductions of Earnings order on me as I had suddenly disappeared for SIX WEEKS. see this

d) I had lost a large portion of my patients as my practice was kept open when I suddenly disappeared for SIX WEEKS so my Practice became next to worthless. The “payments per head” ( captitation fees) from the D P B disappeared) All my direct debits also stopped ie mortgage, car, insurances etc etc


But unknown to me at the time I had also been taken off the Dental Register on the 12th June and proceedings were in place to FULLY retire me from June 12th 1998. but NO ONE TOLD ME.

It goes on and on

and yet this man goes back to work FULL TIME as a Cardio Consultant after ALL the publicity surrounding the loss of his daughter My Problems were these  NOTHING IN COMPARISON. Yet he is back at work and the above happened for me. How different life is.  Seems it is one rule for one and one for another.

THIS is a true story of a suicidal Dentist, sadly.

I was deemed suicidal with these problems AND then I couldn’t get ANY help or treatment immediately on my release with the problems, that  had 6 weeks previously caused me to be a high risk suicide but now also I had the above. Dr A caused the new  problems and did absolutely NOTHING to help.

And I trusted my Doctor then, 


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