lucky ole Paul

                                 Seems everyone gets theirs done EXCEPT me. MY Cardio consultant actually made things worse. He had me on the table for 90 minutes, reaming my right wrist (my hand was bouncing off the table with his efforts., I told him so immediately after and he seemed to find that funny) I now have NO PULSE IN MY RIGHT ARM because of Dr J– G—-. I had the angiogram performed to ascertain the condition of my heart BECAUSE I HAD NO PULSE IN MY LEFT HAND.

                  I have had FOUR angiograms so far  and all 4 failed. There were ALL performed prior to May 2007 and despite me asking my GP many many times and writting to Dr J– G—- NOTHING has been done

                           Doctors variously say that “my arm will go blue and fall off, or its hereditary or its my fault the NHS is as it is. These were ALL from my current Surgery and were Dr B—— S——, Dr L—– and a locum Doctor that had problems with her spoken english.

All deny that MY problem was due to stress.

Stress caused by Dr A and his negligence or what ever one would call it.


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