Nothing has changed

I have just thought NOTHING has changed in the last 10 years since I lost my life .

No one listened then.  No one listens now.

I was declared suicidal because I was extremely stressed with the after effects of a bad flooding and the associated stress caused by the delays in the Insurance claim. The C.S.A. was baying for blood, a Mr J—- B—— to be precise. Why? I don’t know because I was paying £500 p.c.m. to my ex-wife. I was on DAILY contact with the Insurance Company and weekly contact with my Bank Manager BECAUSE of those problems. I had been closed for 3 months and had lost an exceptionally large amount of patients (over half) and it was just like starting ALL OVER as a new Practice. I had to give my wife £40k in settlement for divorce. And I had a “healthy overdraft to clear.

First reasonable payment I received was in May 1998 having had reduced payments since November 1997.

Dr A thought it was good idea to get me retired now on ill health but also not to tell me what he was doing in order that I might be prepared to sell my practice as a going concern.

He wrote this on 4th June, a Thursday and I probably didn’t receive it until Monday and then when did I read it?  I took ALL home correspondence to work to open there in case the CSA had sent me a letter. I remember that my nurses would listen to my bouts of rage as I shouted abuse at some new CSA “idea” for me to pay. Many patients joined me in that ritual

.Is it a good idea to send something so important by post.

Something so controversial also

He said I was liable for litigation etc  and SO unfit for work that I needed to be retired and STILL he sent it by post.

I was also working so HE allowed an unfit Dental Practitioner, a liability to himself and others, to practice.

If he had told me in an appointment, or in person  then there would have been NO NEED for this compliment slip.

So if I wasn’t told in his surgery. I was meant to read his medical opinion alone.

Repeat: I was meant to read his medical opinion alone. 

I might have received it in the Pub as we both drank in the same Public House. I refuse to comment on THAT scenario considering the content.

Then I received a telephone call at 11.30 on Thursday 11th June 1998 telling me that I had NO OPTION but to be in a Psychiatric Hospital by 08:30 the next day. I had promises that my practice WOULD be looked after, after being told I had no option but to go and also I trusted my Doctor. 

And then all this happened. 

The discovery of the compliment slip proves many things. The main one is Dr A is solely responsible, clinically negligent and guilty of malpractice. I could have worked for 16 more years as a Dentist and sold my Practice with a handsome profit. Instead of loosing everything

Please read the story

Also my son’s birthday was 8th June, he was 14. I saw him for his birthday on the 10th June (Wednesday) and by the 12th of June (Friday) I was incomunicado in hospital. I was not allowed to speak to him even by telephone, for 6 weeks.

ALL because Dr A MADE UP his Medical Opinion and intentionally made no real effort to tell me as he seemed to consider it all so unimportant. Please read the Medical Opinion I read alone.


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