Christmas Day

I was invited down the local pub for a Christmas drink, of soda water or  Coca Cola as that is all I drink now.

            As I walked in I was greeted by one man pointing at his lower jaw, saying very loudly that he had toothache and could I take a tooth out. He then laughed, hugged me and said how much he missed me as his Dentist. It was an ex patient that I hadn’t seen since 1998.

              I was only there an hour and I re-met 6 more old patients all with similar greetings and ALL of whom said how much they missed me. All of whom wanted me to re-open again.

SO I told them all about those letters.

               The responses all basically said that DR A was an ar*ehole, never listened to ANYTHING a patient said and seemed to be only there in order to feather his own nest. They also said that all the other Doctors seemed afraid of him. One bloke said that Dr A had refused to listen to him many years ago and kept him on steroids, for 2 years, for stomach pains and bleeding. He could stand it no more so paid to see a private Doctor. This Doctor insisted that he was admitted IMMEDIATELY and this guy then had a hemi-section of his bowel and a colostomy bag fitted. Luckily for <name deleted> he had some savings and also his family chipped in so all was OK. Since then he has had that operation reversed and now has no bag. He said he tried to complain against Dr A but found that Dr A and the Local health Board BLOCKED EVERY question. This man said he was so glad to be alive that he could not face a legal battle so gave up.  (This is exactly the response I got fro the Local Health Board also.He then said Dr A should be struck off for what he did to him and mentioned other similar stories he had heard. These stories were the same as I have heard in the last 10 years. All bad for Dr A and VERY FEW good. He is for example injecting Amitryptaline into another persons muscles to relieve some symptom. Injecting a drug used for depression into somebody’s leg????  These are all hearsay and without concrete foundation and there are people that dont like me also.

            I then went to Christmas lunch with a friend who would not take no for an answer as he wants me to play keyboards in his Rock Band. Something I cannot do thanks to Dr G and my right wrist etc. I did not want to go for another reason: His wife had had her jaw broken by a Polish Dentist in the local town and she has had her Inferior Dental Nerve damaged by this foreigner. He would do nothing initially until I received a telephone call from her and told her what to do. So we talked about her teeth for a while.

What a lovely Christmas Day thanks to Dr A’s lies. and read these thoughts

              I cannot get away from the FACT I was a Dentist. I am stuck in 1998 with the memories that I have LOST EVERYTHING thanks to that idiot                                                                         Fair comment 

Why no Legal Counsel?



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