Angiograms 1-3

December 20th 2006: I was diagnosed with having a silent heart attack and have an embolism in my left subclavian (?) artery and am taking 4mg of Warfarin daily. I am taking Rampirril 2.5mg daily and have had a CT scan to show the blockage in my left arm and am awaiting a coronary angiogram. It was suggested that this could be stress related: a quote from the BBC 
Some links have been made between stress and coronary artery disease. This could be because it encourages people to eat more, start smoking or smoke more than they would otherwise have done.
February 2007: I have an appointment with a Psychiatric Consultant in March coincidentally the same day as an appointment with the Surgeon when , I assume, he will discuss the forthcoming treatment. This psychiatric appointment is less than a year after I was told I had NO mental Health component. The Angiogram is to be performed the following day.
March 2007 However the angiogram was cancelled after I had been “clerked” in and I had to go home. New appt next week. As I had no money and was 18 miles from home they arranged an Ambulance-Taxi. At the following INR appointment it was decided I might as well stop taking Warfarin rather than re-start it then stop again so I restart AFTER the angiogram is performed 3rd week of March.
2nd Angiogram appointment. They were unable to progress up one artery and I now need a 3rd Appointment for this. However I was left alone in a room for 15 hours, a room which was SOO similar to the one in Heath House Hospital and caused an AWFUL reaction of flashbacks. I spent 15 hours reliving June 1998 this time with the added knowledge that I have lost everything. The nursing staff were not very “kind” (my opinion) or understanding and I appeared, so I heard later as an angry argumentative trouble maker. IT WAS HELL of the 1st order. My neighbour picked me up and I was very curt with her and she took off in her Metro like Steve McQueen in Bullit and shot over a speed bump at 30 mph , the car flew through the air and broke-down. I arranged a visit from the AA and went back to the day-stay ward as my left arm was numb and my heart was going “brrrrrr” rather than “lub dup”. I saw the Cardio Consultant where he listened to the recounting of the hell I had been through that night, He was EXTREMELY kind and sympathetic as were the rest of the Staff that were present and prescribed Aspirin and Cholesterol reducing medication for me to take immediately.
3rd Angiogram Appointment.  They were unable to inflate my “blocked artery” via the left wrist and again from the femoral artery and I now await a graft from an artery in my neck to bypass the blockage. I still await another angiogram appointment from the Coronary Consultant to ascertain the problem with my heart. I was in a 6 bed room in the surgical ward but still found it extremely difficult to come to terms with the stay , as above, Especially after the following appointment with my GP  In the Ward was an acquaintance, now friend, who had had surgery having been diagnosed with cancer 3 weeks previously.. HIS employer immediately put him “off sick” and has promised his old job back on his return. How different to the response from the NHS . But at least HIS GP (I wonder if it was Dr B as the practice location was very similar ) gave him a diagnosis after the results of some urgent tests and also he now has a prognosis and a rough idea of how the treatment will progress. Unlike me and Dr A.



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