my son part 3

Dates and times roll into one at this time 1998 – 2003 as Dr A totally ignored me although he eventually send me to the local Mental Health Clinic. He also expressed his surprise in a letter to a Dental Colleague that I did not know I was to be retired. In fact he insinuated I was the LIAR.

Why didn’t that man say something as he must have noticed my extreme anger? I eventually withdrew from the medication he KEPT prescribing me. (I say that DR A intentionally KEPT me on the medication as the drugs  made it extremely hard for me to do anything constructive like complain against him)

In October 2003 I started the complaint with the LHB having withdrawn from these drugs. It seemed that every time I went to see my son I received a reply from the LHB on my return. Not a reply to my complaint BUT a reply from the CEO or Chief Nursing Officer prevaricating and avoiding answering. I rang my son on my return and was in tears as I spoke to him.

I could see him start drinking heavily and also start to take drugs. He was SOO good to me but I couldn’t help him as I was in a mess myself. He is off the drugs and drinks socially ie gets drunk at weekends, not every day as he used to.

Then Dr B refused to treat me and I ended up in Hospital with a LUNG ABSCESS. My son had university exams at that time and sadly he failed them and dropped out of university to become a Barman.

I kept seeing him weekly, still talk every week tho’, until about a year ago as he is now an Human Resources  Manager of a Night Club. What a come down for the grandson of a Professor of Engineering and Vice Provost of Brunel University. His mother had 3 A’s at A levels and was/is a Nurse. My Dad was a Pharmacist, sister a Doctor and I am an ex NHS Dentist. Retired and ruined by a Mental Illness which NEVER did exist, MADE UP by Dr A.

I was destroyed by Dr A

I saw him cry many a time. I cried EVERYTIME I left him.

You are supposed to look up to your father aren’t you??

If only Dr A’s children could see what an arrogant man their father is.


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