My son part 1

My son and I have always been very close.  In 1998 he took his GCSE’s and my wife blamed ME for his poor showing.

His birthday was 4th June and I was hospitalised the 12th June. My wife REFUSED to let him visit me, my sister appeared not to think of him on her single visit. This is about  my stay in hospital. He was taking his exams at the time I was destroyed

 Come back on December 26th to  read how Dr A also destroyed his life, by destroying mine. The letters

But then I don’t expect anyone to care about him as they only seem to care about preserving the reputation of Dr A and thus are condoning the fact that Dr A is a negligent, malpracticing liar

The Healthcare Inspectorate said Dr A was exemplary in his actions, They eventually allowed me to see the Documents they hold under the Data Protection ACt without me needing to send a Utility bill  here and here.

The Ombudsman said HE was causative but it was an employment issue so they wouldn’t do anything. THey also REFUSED to let me see the documents they hold under the Data Protection Act because “the majority” I already hold.

The Independent Review said I had no diagnosis…so obviously they had not read the Medical Opinion but they had read Dr A’s personal and private notes about me.

Dr A in his initial and only reponse was “I do not remember”  see here  AND The Response took 9 NINE  months to get out of him as he hid behind the Local Health Board and the two  Chief Executives at that time . Ms K.N. and acting CEO P.G.


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