Is there a link??

between the Complaint started in October 2003 and which Dr A took 9 Months to respond that he could not remember and this is WITHOUT THE USE OF MY MEDICAL NOTES.

AND Dr B’s treatment or to be more accurate attempted sexual harrasement and then subsequent refusal to treat. (I have heard from various Doctors I have known over the last 40 years that Doctors, altho’ they should not do so,  err   communicate about troublesome patients. I have heard from 3-4 unrelated sources that Dr A is/was a good friend of Dr B. and because she refused to treat me for mycoplasmic pneumonia I ended up with the largest lung abscess in South Wales (according to the Respiratory Senior Reg)  1.3 litres.

Also proven by the fact that the Local health Board REFUSED to even start a complaint against her as she also refused to respond to MY complaint. Her phlebotomist also did not wear gloves or even wash her hands, same as the one in my current surgery.

Is it common in West Glamorgan that G.P’s do NOT respond to complaints in a true and professional manner or are they allowed to be so “arrogant” BECAUSE they know the LHB, Ind Review etc etc are biased  absolutely, unequivocably and without question towards the Medical Profession.

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