Dr A is a liar

So I am now not mentally ill.             Or ever have been.

I have lost 16 years as a NHS Dentist and have a considerably reduced Pension BECAUSE of, and directly caused by, Dr A.

I sold my practice at a massive loss instead of realising a profit.

All because Dr A is a liar. no real need for Fair Comment now because of this

I feel I should now receive from DrA’s private coffers:      16 times the average National Income for a Dentist PLUS a true and fair price for my Practice, if I had still worked and sold it when I was 65, plus compensation for the last 10 years of hell. PLUS a public apology to the ex-patients of my ex-practice.

He should be removed from ANY post he now holds and removed from the Medical Register with immediate effect, with the loss of any renumeration, profit and pension rights. AFTER ALL THIS is  what HE DID TO ME

He should have HIS RETIREMENT destroyed just as he destroyed mine

OR I should receive the sum HE HAS EARNED in the last 10 years and up to his retirement PLUS his pension rights etc and he gets the equivalent of what I received.

I have sent 8 letters to Professional bodies and will name the ones that do not reply. I will also name the ones that say they will do nothing.

I say Dr A’s private coffers as other letters exist IN MY MEDICAL NOTES that show Dr A did not even believe it was HIS responsibility to TELL ME I was retired. ALL these letters ignored by the Independent Review, Ombudsman and Healthcare Inspectorate. They also, by their refusal to investigate the complaint in a fair and just manner, are guilty of covering up for Dr A’s lies. As is his senior Medical Partner, my sister. She is guilty of covering up his mistakes. I wonder how many more times she has done the same. I feel there would be many especially as she is prepared to sacrifice her brother’s life to preserve Dr A’s reputation.

The letters show that  my complaint now makes sense. AND This and this are chronicles of the events.

I had to endure this, this, this and this ALL BECAUSE Dr A is a liar

I felt Dr A was trying to do me a favour and because he is incompetent he forgot to tell me HOWEVER the discovery of this and subsequent events show that Dr A intentionally destroyed my life


Please read this  and this  and my thoughts of Dr A 


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