The Medical Opinion

Read this and wonder how I felt. I did not remember a lot of what Dr A said. SO I thought Iwas really, really ill. He gets carried away from page 2 onwards and the fictitious part really gets into gear.

Interesting that the Consultant Psychiatrist I saw the Neath Hospital didn’t think I was either depressed or anxious. I was not suicidal and NO EVIDENCE OF A PSYCHOSIS. I was  however STRESSED to the extreme. That was in 1997. Dr A’s opinion was that I was suicidal and look what the Hospital Psychiatrist said in 1999

I have always said I have NEVER BEEN SUICDAL apart from the re-starting and smoking bit.

  Having read that would YOU pay attention to this or even read it? It is a COMPLIMENTS SLIP for heaven’s sake in order that you know the sender of the letter. Anything important is contained in the letter.

 Therefore it would come as a bit of a shock to suddenly discover situations you cannot remember EVER taking place.

Situations that could lead to litigation. .


Crying in front of patients

AND if I was SO ILL then why did I not receive help IMMEDIATELY ON MY RELEASE instead of having to scream and yell for it? I received trteatment for something 18 months later and by then  everything I worked for from 1967 (I entered UCH Dental School in Oct that year) had been DESTROYED.

And then at the end he says I accepted a referral to another Psychiatrist. In his reply to the formal complaint he said he did not remember her name… YET HE referred me to her and letters exist in my Medical Notes containing her name.

BUT Dr A NEVER ONCE consulted my Medical Notes in the complaint. What was he hiding?

I say he was trying to cover up for his lies and the NHS Complaints Procedure assisted in his deception.

The Local Health Board, of which he is Medical Director, The Independent Review, The Ombudsman AND the Healthcare Commission all accepted the fact that Dr A’s professional response was ” I do not remember”

They seem not to care that the Medical Director is a liar. (Auspices of Fair Comment)

And read what Dr C did to me. I have heard this Doctor has a serious drink problem. Many, many people have told me that apart from my seeing him buying unbranded vodka at 09.00 hrs.



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