Odd feelings

I feel a little more relaxed now as I now know that I WAS NOT THAT ILL. I had read that Medical Opinion 100’s of times and kept thinking “I do not remember ANY of what he said”


I feel MORE ANGRY NOW considering I now have lost EVERYTHING because of a lie and the fact that my sister condones his actions by her silence. It all explains why the NHS Complaint Service was so confused in their replies. HOWEVER they ALL preferred to back an errant Doctor rather than find fault.

If I had had a physical illness however then there would have been a different response .

I am diagnosed as a “MENTAL PATIENT” for no real reason and retired because of a lie.

Were Dr A’s actions fraudulent? and how do I stand? Especially as he went against the Guidance for good Practice because he had not actually listened to me and went about his actions without properly consulting me.

He then, because of his ignorance/arrogance arranged what was probably the WORST thing he could have done.


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