Bad Memory.

                Dr A, because he forgot (I assume) to tell me I WAS TO BE RETIRED and that the wheels were in  already motion but Dr A is getting away with it so far.

                His despicable actions allowed me to be hospitalised WITHOUT giving me time to arrange a professional closure of my Practice. Thus destroying NHS dentistry in his Practice’s catchment area. How can he ever be believed considering the post he now holds?

BUT if he didn’t tell me because he assumed that OTHER people would do that for him then he IS negligent. Guidance for good Practice. and also Terms of service for a GP

He didnt write down a diagnosis and lotsa other things so that  is Bad record keeping.

He used his imagination to write his Medical Opinion so that is Malpractice

He has caused me to live through 9 years of HELL. His actions being covered up by the NHS Complaint Service especially Dr C J of the Healthcare Inspectorate.

My original complaint looks SO stupid now but then Dr A was lieing in the 1st place and probably using his influence as Medical Director to “put me of the scent” as it were.

He arrogantly said that he was “always there for me” and yet never once did he inform me of my DEFINITE and impending retirement or did he EVER ONCE after explain to answer my obvious distress or even say sorry.



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