its so cold

As my central heating boiler went AWOL and the boys are here fitting a new one I took the time to go through ALL my papers. It is easy this way (well easy in comparison to doing it all alone and thus being able to sit and get depressed and feel so lonely)Anyway I found a letter or two from my dearest ex-wife, one  dated September 1998 where she gives me hell for being a bad Dad. Hmm …she refused to let my son come and see me when I was in hospital. She also had an affair which caused the divorce.

BUT more importantly I found some more letters from Dr A where he expresses his “sadness” that I thought he did not assist me . These letters were dated 1999. Also a letter explaining why the pension debacle occurred half way down this page . It occurred BECASUE MY PRACTICE WAS KEPT OPEN. Also I was forced to write a letter that said I retired in November 1998. I KNOW, if I had not been on Prescription Medication, I would have refused to write it,  BUT the lady from the then FHSA a Mrs M N. said, by telephone, that  an error had occurred as my Practice was kept open since June 11 th 1998 and she offered a date for me  sometime in November.

WHY WAS THE PRACTICE LEFT OPEN?????????????????????????  here or here go someway to explain.

Note  “They KEPT telling me , in hospital, that my Practice was being looked after.

THAT is why Dr A. is a negligent, malpracticing and lieing Doctor

Fair comment

I would however prefer to still be his patient and a family friend


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