I went and saw The Boogie Men (no web site sadly) yesterday a brilliant boogie woogie rock and roll foot tapping band.

I just got depressed as I cannot now play guitar and piano BECAUSE of all this crap.

I can’t use my left hand because I get pain in the muscles when I hold the arm at the position one should for guitar AND I cant paly piano because of the EXTREME pain in my right thumb thanks to that 4th Angiogram.

I want to wake up and find this all over but I can’t I have this until the day I die.

I blame Dr A for all this because if he had been a little more intelligent I could have retired and closed my business professionally. No need for the complaint. Look how stupid THAT is now. It had been on Medication and was constantly told I was a Mental Patient for 5 years for no reason.

My sister works with him as she is also a Doctor. He must have been laughing at her for the last 9 years

She refused to  interfere in 1998 when all the disaster was unfolding so I have to say that she is guilty of covering up his incompetence and lies.

How many other times has the Medical Director of the Local Health Board lied?

You can choose friends but are stuck with family.



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