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So Dr A “made up” my illness, he made up almost everything about me being ill. When I read his words later I thought “Bugger me I was ill because I do not remember ANY of this, so why didn’t he tell my sister if I was so ill, under the Mental Health Act. (It was SO different from what I remember. Remember I was going through it).

Reason of course is that I wasnt really that ill, or so he thought, so the ignorant man saw no need to inform me. He thought I had read those words, I assume, and laughed. At the time of my receiving that letter I was under GREAT pressure from my Bank as I, in effect, had to start again in 1998 after the flood.

BUT I do not remember receiving that letter and that scares me now. SO I WAS ILL maybe?
The fact that he made up my illness explains why he would not treat me on my release. Well according to him I wasn’t ill.

SO did he just ignore my talking. If he wasn’t listening to me, as it seems, he is NEGLIGENT.

IF I wasn’t ill WHY was I IMMEDIATELY put on 5 minute observations in the Psychiatric Hospital because Iwas a HIGH RISK SUICIDE?

Why didnt he tell THEM I was retired??? They KEPT telling me , in hospital, that my Practice was being looked after.

It is all so clear now, the bastard stitched me up good and proper (sorry for the gangsta talk) because he is an incompetent fool.

Could he have not said sorry, at least, when he saw all had gone wrong????????

Blood pressure is up I can feel it banging……………………….so more tomorrow

I will put up his medical history and other letters when I have scanned and covered up his identity.

(THAT hurts as well as I would LOVE TO display his name)


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