I have in my possession

I had to move an amazingly heavy piece of furniture last weekend and a friend helped me. I had not moved it since 1995. Underneath it was a complimentary slip and the 1st page of the Medical Opinion. I assumed, in a cold sweat , that it must have been there ALL ALONG.

the complimentary slip said “I enclose this in order that we get our stories straight”

Since then I have collapsed suddenly at home, a sort of blackout.

                The GP checked by BP the following day and it seemed OK. I didn’t ring the out of hours number as I felt OK when I (probably almost instantly) awoke with my cat licking my face. I had had a heartattack, I believe, in 2004 and I now had absolutely no symptoms, similar or otherwise, apart from coffee everywhere and cat spit on my face. Didn’t even hurt myself.

Suddenly I saw the answer. Dr A had lied in order to get me retired. It explains why I did not understand, later, his Medical Opinion and the things he said I had done at my Practice. BUT HE DID NOT TELL ME OF HIS PLAN that I was to be retired and hospitalised within 7 days.

If he did and I forgot it shows I was much more ill than even I knew BUT the complimentary slip implies I was NOT ILL and was faking it all so therefore he caused the most catastrophic thing that could have happened to me.


It explains his reticence to answer truthfully throughout the NHS Investigation. It explains the existence of “his personal and private set of  notes” (I assume he had to remember the scam he was pulling for me)

 This could have happened read this please and this for my losses

 my chest hurts so to be continued, daily.


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