Just had a letter from  AVMA that said what I knew all along. I am out of time in my complaint.

I ‘spose I really knew that all along.

I want to restart smoking and drinking from today, 19th November 2007 as it is just a matter of time now until I die.

What a waste of a life thanks to that man

I have a compliments slip dated prior to June 11th 1998, where he says “We have to get our story straight”

which shows that he didn’t even BELIEVE I was stressed so he MADE UP my illness

I will continue posting until I die. (Not real suicide tho’ just speeding up the inevitable)

(update Dec 17th I didn’t start smoking or drinking as just the smell of cigarettes make me feel ill)

This song means a lot to me now



One Response to “suicide”

  1. Blackadder Says:

    Read your story, made me feel very angry ’bout the way you been treated BUT don’t give up. Your life ain’t been wasted. People must be made aware of how folk are treated by professionals. Lot of time & effort gone into this. Your knowledge / experience in this true story has the ability to go far. Thats how you can help others. Forgive me if you have already thought of it but this would be my next plan.
    1. Write synopsis – no names mentioned – end refer to web site to read full story – send to medical journals.
    My secret weapon is ‘tell not show’ names not mentioned so it’s not in black and white yet person knows it’s them. i.e. their feelings:- good- chuffed, over the moon. bad -guilty- oh shit.
    2. Publish whole story. People need to be aware what goes on. maybe you know someone in the writers field who can advise a publisher.
    3. As a talanted singer/songwriter/musician (thats you) reach out to those at ‘gigs’ &/or sell C.D’s. A great way for people to know.

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