Medication check

            I saw my GP re concerns with Simvastatin and he agreed and I stopped taking them. A coincidence BUT the 1st night I slept 8 straight hours and have lost 3 lbs when I weighed this morning. YAY :>)                     

            He also said I have a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which I agree with as I find it hard coping with being called Al the Dentist now. Yet the “Psychiatrist” says I have a mild form of depression and he won’t treat me.

            I have been told that Dr C has a drink problem so I was right … maybe. That is of course hearsay BUT I have heard the same from 5-6 patients of his. If that is true then many Drs are covering up for him.

AND Glaxo-SmithKline are being sued by users of the drug Seroxat which I was on for 5 years prescribed by Dr A and Dr B. I think I will investigate this also.



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