Read here: about Simvastatin”A drug used by around one million Britons to lower cholesterol is linked to “significant” sleep problems, according to research. “”The findings are significant because sleep problems can affect quality of life and may have adverse health consequences, such as promoting weight gain and insulin resistance.”

I only sleep for maximum of 4 hours at a time and have put a stone on and CANNOT loose it no matter what I do. I am angry enough with the cover up, by the NHS, of Dr A’s incompetence and negligence BUT I can get REALLY angry sometimes for no real reason, maybe a comment a Doctor says like here, which causes pain in the chest and down my left arm.  Here is what the Doctor says about that.

I have lost my Dental Career because Dr A is an incompetent idiot that knows how to manipilate the Complaints Procedure in the Welsh NHS so I feel I am allowed to get angry because of that BUT, like the serotonin I was on for years, there are too many side effects of the medication I take.

Coincidentally I have just asked for a medication review, prompted by the Pharmacist I saw this morning that seemed surprised I had had no review in a year. Not unusual for the Doctors in this area as I was on anti psychotic drugs for no reason and for 5 years. I have no diagnosis of an illness therefore what were they treating me for for 5 years. 

I believe Dr A has NO idea how to treat patients and is probably extremely lucky to be where he is. Under the auspices of fair comment

Is my anger a side-effect of the Simvastatin or is it justified?


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