denial of responsibilities

 I  have a letter, addressed to a Dental Surgeon on the LHB,  dated in 1999 where Dr A expressed his surprise  I had not been told about my retirement as if it was not his responsibility (actually said I was in direct conflict with) in 1998 This is a list of the duties” (of a Medical Practitioner which Dr A should know from his current post as Medical Director of the Local Health Board and his previous posts of Chairman of the BMA Wales, GP committee Wales and the Welsh Medical Committee.)

This Dental surgeon recommended my retirement in a letter addressed to Dr A, (I had never ever  met him.)

    Incidentally the recommendation that  my practice should be sold as a going concern was from the person (The Health Authority’s Dental Advisor ) that offered to arrange a Locum for me on June 11th 1998.  Both the relevant letters are in my possession and addressed to Dr A. Both Dentists were also on the Local Health Board and of course party to the complaints that were, I would assume , being received daily about my disappearance.

My retirement was initially dated from 11th June 1998.

Still I was not told and Dr A has since denied his responsibilities.

The result of the NHS complaint was I have no diagnosis of an illness but Dr A IS causative of my destruction.but, as they say it is an employment issue they will not act.BUT throughout the complaint Dr A NEVER once asked to see my Medical Notes and was allowed to rely on his memory.Documents and letters referred to are in my possession or in my medical notes.



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