Here we go again

Since I saw that GP last week I have had pain in my left chest…like a dull ache…. and have been a bit breathless. I spent most of Friday and Saturday in bed. On Sunday I had developed “cold symptoms” and a cough. So I went to “my GP”  (a euphemism for the Dr’s Surgery.) 

I explained symptoms and had my BP taken and a stethoscopic examination of the chest. BP 140/80, no wheezes in chest. The pain was attributed to the way I slept?!? Funny that the pain developes THROUGH the day and is not , IMHO, related to the way I sleep altho’ I have woken up and my left arm is numb….it soon goes away BUT that 1st moment of feeling is horrific.

Interestingly a BP of 140/80 and above on 3 sepearate days is described as hypertensive in this article

 This is the second time this has been the diagnosis AS I mentioned similar feelings to a Doctor probably March last year and HE said it was also the way I sat and I ended up with all this EVENTUALLY.  But I had to leave the last surgery to even GET treatment.

Still no pulse in both hands and nobody really seems to care.


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