What about me then, Sir?

Work and Pensions Secretary Peter Hain said he believed most of people on benefits could go to work if they were given the right support

What about me then? I am  was a NHS Dentist and lost my career and yet I received no support. I wrote to him in his position as my MP and the Welsh Minister but he was unable to give ME the support I needed.(I could have gone back to work as quite a few ex-patients seem to STILL want). So he referred me to the Welsh Assembly saying the NHS is in safe hands with Labour. The Assembly was unable/unwilling to help me.

I have/had a career that was/is desperately needed in Wales and I would have liked to have gone back to work but Dr A made sure I couldn’t. No one offered me support then in fact they ALL refused me help. I was destroyed by incompetence of the highest order.

Can no one take responsibility for Dr A’s negligence? I worked for 23 years in the NHS and all I got out of it was a £40+k debt, an undiagnosed “illness” that was instrumental in destroying my career (and life) and a stress related illness that Doctors say “is because of the way I sit”

or do I have to become a Rugby Referee to get support?



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