What do they teach them at hospital?

I went to my GP today to ask about the pain in my right thumb and she, the Locum, said what did I want her to do about it. I said that was what I was about to ask her as she is one of the many Doctors that I have to call MY Doctor. She showed total disinterest in my condition although I did manage to get her to ring the Consultant after I had said I had contacted him twice.

Her initial response to my query re the 7 month delay was “well this is the NHS you know what do you want me to do?”. YEH the NHS was destroyed by THAT arrogant attitude, a common complaint of many Doctors in Wales.

Maybe the Welsh Assembly Health Minister Edwina Hart should pay attention to complaints of patients…..but then there was this  recently maybe as in all offices around the country everybody is on the internet when they should be working.

I rang NHS direct 08454647 and they pointed me to The Patients Association and I found THIS document You and your Doctor. The Doctor  obviously hadn’t read it. BUT then it seems that Dr A, B, C etc etc also havent read it. The Local Health Board, Ind Review, Ombudsman and Healthcare Commission also do not have that document on their reading list.



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