The truth HA!

So my MP admits not telling the truth about immigration and the previous Welsh Health Minister has been caught, recently, on the Internet rather than working. Yet both of them say that the NHS is safe in Welsh Hands. The Healthcare Commission “discover” dirty wards in my local Hospital YET I am sure I was not the only one to complain in the last 5 years of EXACTLY the same problem. I wonder if the Inspection Manager was one of the same and does she still require a photocopy of the Hospitals utility bill to prove of identity when the Hospital Manager needs to see the documentation.

Yet all three say the NHS is safe in Welsh Hands. One could imply from the 1st paragraph that one is economical with the truth, one dosen’t care/know and the other ignores previous complaints in order to look good. SO in effect none of them know or even care.




One Response to “The truth HA!”

  1. sam Says:

    Hi Alyn

    I hear you. I totally get what you’re saying.

    It’s a Kafkaesque nightmare, isn’t it? Once you fall off the ‘one-of-us-professionals’ list you seem to get treated far worse than they treat Mrs Bloggs down the road. I think it’s because they’re frightened – a) if it can happen to you then it can happen to them – sort of osmosis; b) you’re very intelligent, you should be able to deal with all this on your own (yes, a GP actually said this to me as I was in the middle of a stroke); and c) you know just as much as they do and can articulate it…you can uncover the massive corruptions and scandalous incompetencies that are indubitably at the core of the NHS.

    And they get away with it. Completely and utterly exonerate themselves. Like you, through complete medical negligence and failure to dx, I lost my consultancy practice (not medical) and all in all I’ve lost £400-500K now.

    It’s not the money though. It’s the sheer arrogance and incompetence and the arse-covering and the rank dismissals and the making you out to be a functionally disordered (read: hysterical neurotic) loon – but they never write these things down transparently anywhere so that they can be challenged openly.

    I’m still fighting the toss with the tossers. I have no fewer than SIX complaints in the pipeline currently.

    NEVER EVER again will I trust another medic as long as I live. Well, certainly not an NHS tosser. Three times I’ve paid through the nose to get private opinions, without which I would not have got ANY NHS attention (I waited THREE YEARS to get a bog standard MRI…2 1/2 yrs to see a neurologist, and then I was told I was ‘lucky’ not to have to wait so long as most other patients who had to wait 3-4 years!).

    I advise EVERYONE to pay for private med insurance to the max now. At least the private people treat you like a human being and with respect.

    But what I’ve learnt is that ANY medical opinion is just that: opinion. Nothing is set in stone – unless it suits their purposes (i.e. in order to cover their sorry arses).

    I absolutely hear your anger. It sounds utterly justified to me. Good for you for making these things public – that takes courage.

    Maybe we should start up a helpline/website for victims of medical negligence? (Only half joking there….) There are all sorts of helplines etc for all sorts of ills, there’s even an organisation called the Patients Association that claims to be onside. It isn’t of course – it is dependent on gvt funding: toadying waste of space they are.

    What’s needed is a truly representative patients’ assn, one that actually creates a real forum for all the horror stories to be heard and, one would hope, to be dealt with properly.

    Now THAT REALLY WOULD put the wind up the tossers!

    Good luck – keep fighting the good fight. I’ll check in from time to time to see how you’re doing.

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