I saw the ****

I bumped into Dr A in Tescos yesterday.

All the memories just flooded back here and here and this is what the NHS said.

        I can’t get help from my GP ‘cos they just send me to Tonna Mental Health Resources and the Consultant there says he will not treat me unless I threaten to commit suicide.  But I suppose that could be the treatment for the disease he diagnosed for me, (mild depression) in his country of origin which, from his accent, is not the UK.

Odd init? in 1998 I was treated (medication and hospital)  for 5 years for an undiagnosed disease (They kept telling me I was ill BUT NO one ever mentioned a diagnosis. I KEPT asking and they KEPT prevaricating) and NOW in 2007 I cannot get treatment for a diagnosed disease which is iatrogenic. Read here also 

YET this occurred with Dr C and STILL I COULD NOT GET TREATMENT or answers. In fact that Surgery threw me out.  

My sister who is Dr A’s senior Medical Partner has shown her true character to me in all of this as she would rather side with Dr A than her brother.


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