NHS complaint response ‘failing’

On the BBC site there was this article about complaints in England and I quote: “Patients are being let down by the way NHS trusts in England handle complaints, a watchdog has found”

The Healthcare Commission reviews around 8,000 complaints a year in which a patient is dissatisfied with the response of the trust.

Anna Walker, the commission’s chief executive, said: “Given that the NHS provides 380 million treatments a year, the number of complaints (140,000) is relatively small.

“But when someone does complain, trusts need to respond well.”

She added that if trusts did not learn from complaints it could “seriously damage” people’s faith in the NHS.

Action Against Medical Accidents said the way many NHS organisations handled complaints added “insult to injury”.

 Yet it was the HealthCare Inspectorate in Wales that said, in effect, that I forgot what Dr A didn’t tell me… and then insisted I prove who I am by sending a copy of an utility bill.



One Response to “NHS complaint response ‘failing’”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Hi, found this page via Google. My mother recently had a lengthy stay in hospital and it involved a fairly intensive physio schedule. During one session a younger physio who had not been handling her case took the session and actually ‘jumped’ on her causing serious injury to her stomach area and she now wants to make a compensation claim. She’s since had to go back and forth to hospital to try to rectify the damage caused. Thing is, I am looking for advice on finding good clinical negligence solicitors in the UK. I don’t want to go with just the first one I find, ideally I want some reviews.

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