Stress (maybe Dr A should have read an article like this)

The article opens a new page  here or I include some quotes :

 “Not being able to access advice easily can add to the harassment of financial worries or demands from officialdom. And quite ordinary worries might become magnified if there is no-one to talk them through with.” which is why I went to Dr A.

 “It can be difficult to admit to having a problem and there can be a fear that admitting to suffering from stress will lead to a mental illness label. But stress is to do with circumstances outside the sufferer, rather than a particular mental state.” as happened to me.

 “The impact (of stress) will depend on how different people handle the stress and left untreated it may develop into a form of physical or mental illness. It is important to recognise that these are circumstances that could affect any of us and that we all need help occasionally to get us over a difficult patch.” which was denied me by DrA and the NHS complaints service


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One Response to “Stress (maybe Dr A should have read an article like this)”

  1. tunguskaresearch Says:

    Relief from day to day stress is something that we all search for… The answers may be closure than we think.

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