Blood pressure

BP today is 160/66 and pulse 105. I have felt the BP up for a few days. In fact almost since I received the last communication from the Healthcare Inspectorate.

I saw a consultant about an endoscopy that one of the many GP’s I have to see decided I should have.( all clear for whatever…) and he said “life’s not been too smart since the millenium has it?”  Typical british understatement. He also goes in the good guys and his professionalism was exemplary….and he had a sense of humour…for example

q: What is the definition of an alcoholic?

a: some one who drinks more than his doctor. NICE ONE considering Dr A’s alleged prowess at drinking.

I saw my GP on Wednesday about my rt thumb  and forgot to tell him about my elevated B.P.  Forgot?!? I am however seeing the surgeon that performed the angiogram which resulted in the missing pulse and pain (see here)


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