Angiogram 4

4th Angiogram appointment on May 1st  After 90 minutes on the table the consultant advised that no further intervention was necessary and my “cardio” problem could probably be controlled by medication. Up to 8mg a day of Warfarin.    I also have NO pulse in my right arm thanks to him.
  I want to wake up and see all this has been a dream
I am extremely depressed and tears come all too easily again. I am back to 1998 except this time I have no hope, however false.

I met a Cardiac Consultant last Friday (Sept 2007) who explained why a 5th angiogram was proposed and he showed me part of the 1st and 4th angiograms which showed some “deposits” but all controllable by medication and diet. Sounds so easy in the clinic. LOL. But he allayed my fears as I was not really looking forward to another session on the table and he explained in enough detail what was exactly going on with my heart, angina etc

see also

He joins the very short list of professional good guys. i.e. Doctors that I respect. To date 4 with the bad guys at 8 and about 3  indifferent……..or does he??? as EVERY other


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