Healthcare Inspectorate 2

                     I have just received ANOTHER letter from the HealthcareInspectorate having repeated my request for sight of the documentation they hold. She stuck to the need for a photo-copy of a utility bill in order that I may prove that I am who I am.

                   How difficult is it for the Investigations Manager to use her head and think as an individual.

                                                       Impossible or so it seems. 

                                         I find her response insulting considering the reply to the investigation.

Also why do government bodies ALWAYS send letters so that they arrive on a Friday or Saturday? Also a worrying fact is people like this run Wales and there will never be an “oposition” because no matter who you vote for politicians will always get in.

                    I rang the Welsh Assembly for their opinion and after 8 or 9 attempts, and every time transfered to the wrong departments, I eventually spoke to some one intelligent. Her response was that the Manager was being “overzealous” but she did agree with the “jobs worth” description. She also sounded like the person that said that the Public Service Ombudsman can ignore evidence if he so wishes.

Dr A must be laughing his damn head off.

 AND it seems that I, as a Patient, have ABSOLUTELY no rights.

And my humiliation, as far as she is concerned is complete.

I have only lost 40 years of my life…nothing really.

If Dr A can do it to me the brother of his senior medical partner what on earth has he done to other patients????


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