Dr A again

         It was pointed out to me yesterday that Dr A can not be a very nice person if he is prepared to go to such lengths to cover up for his negligence with the BROTHER of his senior Medical Partner….my sister. Dosen’t say a lot for her either if she is prepared to “cover up” for him. But then if the rumours around town are true this is not an isolated case.

         I want to “clear my name” as my medical notes STILL carry the stigma of being a Mental Patient. I lost my career because I was sent to a Psychiatric Hospital BUT no diagnosis of ANY illness

         He is probably relieved that I had no money at the start of my complaint as he knew how to avoid being censured for his malpractice. His refusal to reply in a professional manner just shows his guilt. You could say he kept me on psychiatric medication immediately after my release from hospital in order that I could not think straight. I use the word release rather than discharge for obvious reasons.

         Maybe the stories about his refusals (plural because of the number of people I have talked to) to “diagnose” or at least send for investigation are true. Thereare  many people I talk to that say the same thing….he ignores them. Maybe he wants to keep the money for himself when “they” split the profits at the end of every year……

But the Healthcare Inspectorate say his treatment for me is exemplary.


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