Makes you think

I went to my GP for help because I was under stress and he made it catastrophically worse (Dr A) Iatrogenic

I went to another GP because I was ill. I have NEVER EVER been so ill. SO Dr B chatted me up and refused to treat and so my pneumonia turned into a Lung Abscess. Iatrogenic

The stress caused by both the above was instrumental in causing a narrowing of my left subclavian artery. Whilst they were investigating the condition of my heart I developed a Haematoma as a side-effect of  the Consultant Physician “reaming my arm” in an angiogram for 90 minutes. Iatrogenic

                                            I was told in 1984 that moving to Wales from Essex was like going to a 4th World Country. I took this as a Racial Slur and stupidly ignored it. But it has always been in the back of my mind. I moved to Wales at roughly the same time as the “Live Aid” concert (May 1985) and he said Ethiopia should have a “Pop Concert” for Wales!

                                      I now  apologise to Frank for calling him a racist *****. HE WAS RIGHT. Sorry Frank!

I am no longer proud of being Welsh in fact I am now embarrassed, sadly, of once being so proud of the Land of my Fathers.

                  Within months of opening my practice the Welsh National Army ( One of the callers said he represented them) left messages on my answer machine at work  like ” GET OUT you f***ing  English man taking Welsh man’s job”and  “See you jimmy you are dead” in a Scots accent….The local police showed interest in that one and I listened in as the bloke recorded that message. Bit eerie that.  I had “Police Protection” for a while. HA!  i.e. the local bobby just strolled by saying  “Aw right wus”


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