My right wrist

The Cardiac Surgeon I saw  recently says have a Haematoma in my right wrist which has caused the pain and suffering for the past 4 months.

Yet the Doctor that performed the angiogram which CAUSED this problem implied nothing was wrong  and that THERE was a pulse.

        BUT no one has felt one apart from him and me at the time HE felt it.

         My GP’s also seemed not to know what was wrong as I have received Ibrobrufen gels and sprays which just aggravate the pain.

I quote from an Italian Medical Site: 

         Hand and wrist aneurysms are a rare pathology, but recently the number of cases is increasing because of iatrogenic injuries such as catheter placement for endovascular procedures, invasive blood pressure monitoring, and arterial blood collection. In the period between January 1992 and January 2005, seven patients were treated at our institution for hand and wrist aneurysms. Five were true aneurysms and two were false aneurysms. All patients underwent surgery: four had aneurysmectomy and ligation of the arterial stumps and three had lesion removal, with arterial break suture in two cases and reconstruction with interposition of reversed autologous vein in the other case. In all cases, we did not have any postoperative ischemic or neurological complications. Symptoms like pain, paresthesia, and dysesthesia combined with the minimal morbidity associated with repair suggest that operative repair of these aneurysms should be routinely performed.

Definition of  iatrogenisis

see also casualty and heart stuff


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