The treatment (that the Independent Review said was excellent)

 On the first visit to the Local Mental Health Team the counsellor turned up over 30 minutes late for the appointment blaming the traffic calming measures in town, forgetting that I HAD to pass through those chicanes also and I had left in plenty of time to allow for this. (Also had lotsa crumbs on her ample bosom)

        After asking for my next of kin and other details she asked what I wanted to do with my life. I said Dentistry. She said I couldn’t do that as I was retired so what else?. I said “I wanted to rekindle my love of music as I am a proficient guitarist and classically trained pianist. She said ” I mean a proper job” So I said “Dentistry” So that was the end of THAT appointment.

    I was sent to Anger Management where, after six weeks, it was decided, by the three counsellors present, that the most anger inducing thing in the world was being stuck in a traffic jam. This was in a class where there was a self-harmer, two recent attempts at suicide and a couple of seriously angry men and me. I said if that was ALL we had to worry about we wouldn’t be here, to general agreement from the class. I was offered “one to one” counselling which, despite me repeatedly asking when this would start over the next few months, never materialised. Eventually I was told that I should have arranged this myself…………err? She offered me the sessions and from MY experience of being a Dental Professional for 23 years in Practice I was the one to arrange any new treatment to ensure the correct appointment was made. I allowed patients to make a following appointment for “standard” treatment BUT my receptionist ALWAYS confirmed with me that this was correct.

    So I was offered a visit from one counsellor at my home. He sat in my lounge, on the edge of a chair, looking around nervously and asked me, out of the blue, if I had ever heard voices talking to me. As I came from a Spiritualist Family, my Dad was a Faith Healer, a Lay preacher as well as being a Chemist in town, I said yes. I was brought up to believe this was normal. I have never seen a man move so fast as he hurriedly left saying that I should contact him if I had any further problems and never saw him again.

    I could not get any further treatment. I asked the Counsellor that offered me the “one to one” counselling about the CAUSE that required me to be sent for treatment. The cause being my wanting to know why the Doctor refused to answer my questions but I do not remember the reply.


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