In April 2007 my rt thumb was so painful ( the Cardio Surgeon seems to have lost interest in me) and so my GP sent me to the Hospital Physiotherapist who prodded and wiggled my thumb and made it all SO much worse that I did not sleep overnight and therefore I went to the Local Casualty unit the next morning

The Doctor there soon showed his indifference as he prodded and twisted my thumb saying “Does this hurt” and smiling each time I said “Yes”. His manner showed, to me, that he didnt give a damn. I was sent for a Radiograph where he said I had broken my Scaphoid bone. I disputed this as I could use my thumb except it hurt like HELL. (interesting as a symptom of a haematoma can be mis-interpreted as a fracture_

                     The casualty nurse (good god what an attitude THAT b*tch had)  put the plaster on in an exceedingly rough manner. I tried to explain to her that I had no pulse in my left hand and to have my right hand plastered would make life exceedingly difficult. She tapped my left wrist and said” there you are there’s a pulse”. My rt hand hurt like hell over night so I returned the next day and asked for the plaster to be removed. I got shouted at by all and sundry but I got the plaster of.

The next day I went to the fracture clinic where I was shown the Radiograph and was told “I HAD NO FRACTURE OF THE SCAPHOID BONE” (Even I could see that) He said it was rhematism and as I take Warfarin I have to suffer it. It is extremely painful even now. AND STILL NO discernible pulse.


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