thoughts again

   Why did he not tell me what had happened, on my release, when I asked him what was going on?     I am sure SOMETHING could have been done to reduce the effect of the disaster that was unfolding. And apologise.               

     Why Dr A in 2003 at the start of the complaint did not ask to see my medical notes and “show” me what had actually occurred in June 1998 and thus end the complaint.?    BUT then, possibly he knew, from his position as Medical Director of the LAHB (Local Area Health Board) that his refusal to consult my Medical Notes would not be an important matter because he, in effect, was investigating himself. And he didn’t expect me to continue with the complaint.  I only got a reply from the LAHB  having written to my Member of Parliament and Welsh Assembly Member for assistance. The LAHB pointedly did not answer a simple question I asked, almost weekly, for 3 months as to the position Dr A held in the LAHB. When they DID eventually answer I replied that I was using that question as an indication to truthfulness and honesty in their replies. They response was to IMMEDIATELY send my complaint to the Independent Review. All Parliamentary and Assembly avenues have been explored but to absolutely no avail.     

    Why if I had been admitted to a Psychiatric Hospital at such short notice, which implies I was seriously ill, Dr A did not consider it ethical to tell my nearest relative, as under the Mental Health Act?  I have no coherent thoughts on this apart from: he didn’t think I was really ill and was assuming that I would be told by someone else totally ignoring his responsibilities as my GP. Or he DID tell my sister, his senior Medical Partner in his surgery, and she forgot to tell me BUT I do not believe this. She said however around Christmas 1998 that Dr A “means well” which implies to me that he is “not very good”. she also said that she would not “interfere” (my words) this sticks in my mind because MY personality would have meant, in the reverse situation (i.e. IF she was the one that was ill )  I would have questioned every move, every decision to try and help her in her hour of need. But that is just me but explains why I won’t give up trying to reach the truth. And why I do not wish  to acknowledge her presence.

    I have written to ALL the Professional Medical and Dental Bodies but only one did not reply. The British Medical Association. In their defence however they DID receive that letter on July 7th 2005 the day the bus blew up in Tavistock square, London. But the BDA offices are also in Tavistock Square and they replied quite quickly.  

    Why rely on his memory? What is he hiding?  Seems SO, SO improbable but did Dr A lie , using a definition from an Online Dictionary and Word Web         Verb (speak falsely) to say or write something which is not true in order to deceive someone. Tell an untruth, pretend with intent to deceive. Noun: something that you say which you know is not true. A statement that deviates from or perverts the truth.

BUT why ??? For what reason???  Also WHY ME ???   Auspices of Fair Comment  

    One friend recently had a massive stroke and was hospitalised. Whilst in hospital his Consultant told him he was unable to work again and so my friend arranged the sale of his business from his hospital bed with the help of an advocate he arranged. I asked him how he felt to sell his business under such circumstances. He said he didn’t get as much profit as he had originally thought he would on his retirement but at least he could know that he had done his best in difficult circumstances.

SO WHY wasn’t I allowed the same privilege?????   



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