thoughts again 2

The Independent Review did however refer to Dr A’s personal notes about me which implies a second copy of my Medical Notes exist. Dr A replied from his memory to me. The Independent Medical Advisor also suggested I had a “persecution complex” and other “diagnoses” without seeing me and ONLY from MY letters. It was also suggested at the start of their investigation that they would interview me but this never materialised.                           

The Public Services Ombudsman Whilst they agree that Dr A IS causative but they say it is an employment issue and they seemed to blatantly ignore the fact that Dr A did not tell me ANYTHING about my illness prior to my hospitalisation Please read all of this (select OPEN from the dialogue box) from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. None of which happened in MY treatment. They also have refused to let me see the documentation they hold, under the Data Protection Act 1998, by saying that the majority of which (sic) I already have in my possession.                  

        Has Doctor A has caused me a Psychiatric Injury (‘An observable physical symptom caused, directly or indirectly, by an impact on the mind‘) as a result of the circumstances surrounding my hospitalisation and the treatment I have received since? My initial, undiagnosed, mental illness has been prolonged and made considerably worse by his refusal to answer my questions. Is this Iatrogenic Neglect? A neglect which relates to medical disorders, symptoms etc. caused inappropriately by any clinician through his/her diagnosis, manner or treatment. Could this also apply to Dr B’s treatment ?       

     He should take responsibility for his actions, something he appears very reluctant to do. I have had to suffer the loneliness and loss of self esteem associated with a Mental Disorder, since 1998. He has destroyed the very man I used to be, but for what reason?

        If The Mental Health Access Team I saw earlier this year says that I have no discernible sign of a Mental Illness even AFTER all the horrors I have been through in the last 8 years then this implies, to me, that I NEVER HAD AN ILLNESS IN THE FIRST PLACE. Because if I have not been driven mad by the Insults, the Doctor’s refusal to answer my questions professionally and the other derogatory comments I have received then I feel it is unlikely I was ever mentally ill. I know I was stressed, very stressed before hospitalisation. BUT I am now more stressed now BECAUSE of the outcome of my hospitalisation, the result of the Complaint and the Doctor’s continued silence.

        All caused by Doctor A in my opinion. As a professional and a business man I would have liked the opportunity to close my practice. I raised the finance to buy it. I ran it, mainly single-handed, for 13 years and one month. I would have had ample opportunity to arrange an Advocate to sell my practice if he had informed me of HIS decision that I should be retired. If the result of the sale was the same as it turned out to be then I would have no complaint because I had at least tried, but under difficult circumstances. Now I will never know how good or bad I was as a businessman after 23 years in practice.

    My judgement on arranging General medical Practitioners, however, is very poor considering Dr’s A, B, and C.



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