rassnfrassn 3

in 1985 my practice was worth 110k, say 200k in today’s terms. and sold for 28k with a bit of a shortfall  so £400 pcm goes as mortgage to cover losses since late 1998. 3-4k patients to NIL  I technically lost 172k just  to break even plus I’ve paid £40k so far for the mortgage.

then there’s all the pride I had, the  respect I got, and hopefully gave

All gone

I had no money in the bank the 1st ever mortgage on my family house No job and importantly

NO ONE LISTENED to me. NO ONE CARED and they ALL were shouting at me

        I have a  letter dated Jan/Feb 1999  from the Hospital which is interesting considering the CSA attacked me from July 1998 ( they WERE one of the REASONS I was depressed in the first place)  and they eventually placed a deductions of earnings order on me .

The Psychiatrist DIDN’T even KNOW I WAS RETIRED in 1999 when I was retired on June 11th 1998 7 months previously. This is interesting. SO DrA didn’t even fkn  tell the person that was treating me I was retired. AND i didn’t know WTF was happening

    Dr A  didn’t tell me and I was at work at least 4 of those intervening days before being  told that I was “being sectioned” as I was not fit for practice. I was incapable of looking after myself and HAD to be in hospital the next day. That  caller, a lady psychiatrist,  thought I knew about retirement option as she had told my GP AT LEAST  a week previously so treated my heart wrenching plea for time to sort my stuff out as “pure theatre” and responded accordingly. She knew this because she knows it is the ultimate responsibility of the Pts GP to tell the pt any developments in treatment OTHERWISE she herself would have  informed ME of her decision at least a  week before hand.

I was a man that at 11.00 am was looking forward to an afternoon off (booked months previously)  to be spent rehearsing a play IN MY HOUSE beer and grub compulsory and laid on . Happy as I had just seen my son the night before (divorce stuff). then WHAM at 11.31 a.m. I was desperate, alone confused incapable idiot going to a mental home by 9.00 am the next day and now had to SUFFER the rehearsal……

He had a week at least to tell me I was unfit for practice etc. I was at work at least 4 of those intervening days

I had no choice but to go to hospital

 and this happened.

and the Healthcare Inspectorate say that Dr A is exemplary in his actions. They were’nt fkn there.


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