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If I was depressed before and considered unable to look after my life prior to that day in 1998 and YET was just “dumped” on release with no assistance to rebuild my life. SO according to the NHS now I AM capable of looking after my life.. How  the hell do you think I feel now? NOW everybody ignores me.

        I focus, since I discovered the letter dated 4th June, on Dr A’s negligence, call it what you wantwhich is the actual act that caused all this mess yet the NHS Complaints Procedure ignored his “Terms of Service” Failure. Also the Local CHC were not a vast amount of assistance ( he says politely.) in the beginning of the complaint. Not a scrap of help.

    I also had to spontaneously withdraw from the medication I was on which was an experience not to be repeated to start the complaint “in control” of my thoughts. Little did I know that the drug reinforced habits of 5 years of prescription medication would be SO hard to break. All the time the NHS showed me the prejudice of being  for example “only a mental patient” The words of Dr B in a telephone call Or “grow up, forget it all, retrain and go back to work” from a Dental Stress line and also another psychiatrist who also tried to prescribe me LITHIUM.

    I tried to also start a complaint with the Mental Health Services because THEY kept telling me to “shut up” (my words ) but after one experience of tactical bullying I ended in a scenario like WF Eames’ painting “When did you last see your father?” and I was the little boy.

     It was supposed to be an informal chat but thanks to the attitude of the only Psychiatrist present (Dr P) I can only a-liken to an interrogation. There were 4/5 people “on their side”, but as I was never told it was to be ANYTHING more than a chat, I believed them I must fkn learn to be a bit smarter meeting these fkn Doctors I was alone. They all fired questions at me and Dr P gave me a promise that they would investigate if I saw a psychiatrist,. I agreed but he “lied ” as I did see the  psychiatrist, who incidentally told me I need answers not treatment, (not so-worded in her letter in my Medical Notes.) but he didn’t investigate.


Then MY body defences system went down and so I caught pneumonia and met Dr B.


 I write and play  songs  but they used to be about  dreams not reality

I write the songs to escape for life but my life is in these songs. Fats James 2001 on writing A man who lied.


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