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In 1984/5 when I was arranging moving back to Wales, from London, I was told that moving back to Wales was like moving to a 4th World country. I took this “insult” as a joke in poor taste, or a racist remark at the time but  I do now see what the author of that comment meant.

         My initial problems were the same as other people have, mother dies, divorce, CSA etc. The flood was very bad luck but I was “getting my head above water” (a perfect analogy) then WHAM at the same time as my divorce was being finalised I lost my career, thanks to the circumstances surrounding my hospitalisation. Although being retired meant my wife got her hands on the vast majority of my “lump sum” BUT I technically paid for her spoils as I lost, coincidentally, ALMOST the same amount of money in the sale of my Practice. Does that mean I lost TWICE the amount, on paper. £72k for Practice and £70k ish for wife. £142k. If I hadn’t gone to hospital the practice should have been worth AT least £100k, hopefully a lot more. If I had had to sell it as a going concern then at a worst case scenario I would come out of it with nothing.

        INSTEAD I am here ruined the day I was sent to Hospital by the Doctor NOT informing me of the Medical developments as they happened. For example on June 4th 1998 it was his medical opinion I should be retired on Ill Health Grounds. BUT NO DATE or even that it was definite I was to be retired.

        My knowing the DATE of my impending retirement would have meant I could have closed MY affairs in a true, honest and Professional manner and would have reduced the stress I was under considerably, for two reasons. 1) I was in hospital and hopefully, as I had set the sale of the Practice in motion before I was admitted, my legal advocates would have to deal with all the problems as they arose. 2) A swift piece of mental arithmetic, on my behalf, could see a possible profit all conceived in the comfort of a 5 star environment, Heath House Priory, Bristol). Also I could have called on my many sickness insurances and thus possibly cleared my Credit Cards etc. I was not allowed to evoke them “after the event”..

        I strangely DO believe Dr A meant well but for what ever reason did not consider it important to tell me. Maybe he forgot. But he then intentionally, or so it seems, refused to answer the complaint in a correct and professional manner. This is a serious matter and raises, in my opinion,  more important questions about his treatment and response to any other complaints 

I have a right, as a patient, to know of any Medical decisions reached by my Doctor.

        Consistency in the investigation, The Independent Review would not investigate my complaint with Dr B because it was a clinical matter. The Ombudsman will not find fault with Dr A because it is a clinical matter.

        Was the promise made over the telephone on June 11th 1998 a “verbal contract”. Dr A and the Private Psychiatrist deemed I was “unfit for work” and not able to look after my affairs by the very act of sending me, within 24 hours, to a Psychiatric Hospital. That opinion is for example written in a letter from Dr A to “Whom it may concern” dated 4th June 1998 AND IN MY Medical Notes. YET by the very act of Dr A NOT TELLING ME Guidance on Good  Practice , Mental Health Act and NICE they  broke that “promise” “Verbal Contract”.

        For five years I took Serotonin, Paroxetine, Cyprolex just to name three of the drugs  . I suffered from eczema….bleeding itchy sores, the size of my outstretched hands,  that burnt on contact with water and  had dry skin all over my body. Take a look at the side effects of these drugs. Oddly the only thing that relieved the pain was Tesco’s value toothpaste. I was desperate.

         In “lay terms” the tablets I was taking were meant “to reduce my depressive feelings” where there is no discernible cause. BUT there was a cause especially after my release from hospital. as  my body and mind were in turmoil.  One part of me was angry from the problems caused during and after my hospitalisation. BUT I was on the medication that was designed to “alleviate” the depressive feelings and anger which in turn caused me to become MORE depressed and angry involuntarily over-riding the effects of the tablets. I was unable to cope with horrific and extreme mood swings and never knowing when they were to going to kick in. My brain kept telling me I was happy from the excess Serotonin  in my body. But I knew I wasn’t and fought the effects in order to get answers.  Do you understand what I am trying to say?


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